About Us

Martellotta cured meats are excellent products. witnesses to a story made up of people and magical places where the dedication to the art of cold cuts takes shape, destined for true lovers of tradition and ancient flavors.

The range consists of 6 cutting references: Aged Capocollo of Martina Franca, Spicy Salami, Pancetta tesa, Pancetta rolled, Cup seasoned minimum of six months.

All the products derive from a careful selection and control of the raw materials an exclusive use of Italian meats and artisan processing processes. They are characterized by their distinctive packaging and high aesthetic impact consistent with the quality of the product and for packaging in precious personalized Martellotta wrappers.

The maturing and the taste of these products are similar to that of a high quality wine: it stands out for its soft but full-bodied texture, its sweet and complex taste because it is rich in different taste nuances that go beyond the classic schemes of the cured meat market .